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Virtuous Woman

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Virtuous Woman


This 12-session study is specifically designed for women in the arena of athletics and focuses on one of the four key values of FCA: Integrity. The study looks at female biblical characters within scripture that exemplify and illustrate many of the attributes that make up integrity.

5 Questions for a Study Leader

Name: Shan Carter

Position/Title:  FCA Girls Basketball Chaplain

School:  Sheffield High School, Memphis, TN

1. How did you implement the FCA Virtuous Woman curriculum with your school/team or huddle?

I went into a huddle and asked the girls what Bible stories they were familiar with. As expected, most only knew about male characters. I used this to segue into introducing the curriculum that would teach them about strong and flawed women. From then on, I started going to the school once and week and meeting with the girls, leaving room for questions about spiritual matters they want to discuss. I just try to have an open floor and for each of the girls to feel comfortable.

2. What was the biggest take away from the study — for the participants and for you?

One of the things I have noticed is the girls love the fact that each character is flawed. For the past two seasons, my girls seem to remember the story of Rahab the best. I can typically count on my girls to tell me her story and that she is in the lineage of Jesus.

Teenage years are hard. So I think the fact that the curriculum uses women of the Bible to teach integrity, but still shows our human side, is priceless. It is a great lesson and testament of God’s grace to us.

3. Has the study fostered other ministry or growth in your school or team?

I believe so. I see a change in the ladies and their attitudes. The head basketball coach has even mentioned to me on various occasions how my influence has been showing up in the girls’ behaviors during their school day and practices. They’ve gone through some lifestyle changes, and one of the gentlemen on the boys’ team asked me to pray for his friend, whom he promptly brought over to meet me.

4. Why are studies like FCA’s Virtuous Woman important?

It is important to teach the stories of God using females. FCA Virtuous Woman does an excellent job of selecting great Bible stories to teach what it means to be a lady. In my opinion, one of the biggest issues plaguing our next generation is the lack of direction. By the grace of God, this study opens the door for great dialogue and informative ways of presenting what it means to be a Christ-centered woman in a sin-filled world. I get involved in their lives. I get to help these ladies navigate through the rough patches of being a teenager. I truly get to be the hands and feet of Christ.

5. If you could tell another coach or huddle leader one thing about this study, what would it be?

I suggest transparency with the girls. They know if you are truly concerned with them. They are drawn to genuineness, and as a result it will be easier to connect with them. Keep them open to learning about these women of the Bible and seeing how they can relate to each of them. Studying the lessons and the characters, knowing your Bible, and being honest and open to answering questions will get you far.

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