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Michelle's Message: Reflecting on a Great School Year

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Michelle's Message: Reflecting on a Great School Year

When you are called to do the impossible ….Matthew 19:26

Wow, what a celebration of life OWFCA has been blessed to be a part of this 2015 school year! God has continued to grow HIS kingdom right in front our eyes. Luke 1:37 states: “for nothing will be impossible with God”... and how true this has been for OWFCA.

In our reflection of this school year let’s look at OWFCA through the Four C’s of FCA:

1. Coaches: Coaches are trusting, beyond their understanding, the love of Christ and the call HE has on their lives. He acts as a Coach and shows us what He is doing to further His kingdom through our area's coaches. I’ve witnessed how God and our coaches have moved in the lives of area students and have watched the love and the positive response from the players, parents, and the community. What an Impact they have made and will continue to make. Praise God for the several individual coaches, from Walton and Okaloosa High schools and Middle schools, heading to coaches camp this summer to enjoy the impossible that is in store for them.

2. Camps: Teams that are heading to team camps and huddle leaders heading into the busy summer of planning for more action on campus for 2015/2016. OWFCA has great plans for the summer to be Undefeated! Each summer FCA structures camps with themes and this year the theme is “Undefeated”, referring to 1 Corinthians 15:57 HCSB “But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” #GODALWAYSWINS!

3. Campuses: Last night at one of our High School’s Baccalaureate I looked out and saw the amazing graduates that have spent their most impressionable years making the choice to share their lives with Christ and to do the impossible in their lives each day. The choices that they make each day may or may not be easy with peer pressure and life choices, but where they are right now, graduating with the celebration of baccalaureate, they have followed Christ and their choices to do the impossible each day and follow HIS way of life with amazing faith.

4. Community: We have an amazing community! Through the people in our community we have witnessed everyone pulling together to celebrate wins, encourage each other through losses and grow as the church of GOD with the greatest call to love one another and support each other through the impossible and celebrate the possible.

The quality of our walk with God determines our ability to walk happily and harmoniously with each other and that walk with Him can only grow as we seek to please Him rather than impress mankind. Way to go coaches, athletes, students and community! We continue to walk with Christ and know that each day you are doing the impossible but ALWAYS the POSSIBLE with CHRIST.

As the FCA Director of Okaloosa / Walton FCA and along with the Board of OWFCA, it has been a true blessing to serve the Lord in HIS vision for things to come.

I pray that each one of you will feel the calling to shares God’s possible works with the FAITH, TRUST, and GRACE to take action to help with HIS continued work in OWFCA and join our team in the action of how he would like you contribute. Please contact me at 850-217-0391 or go to and help us continue to work on the impossible.

In HIS love we hope you enjoy, celebrate, and embrace the impossible,