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Michelle's Message: Daily Impact Play

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Michelle's Message: Daily Impact Play

Ready :

"So if anyone purifies himself from these things, he will be a special instrument, set apart, useful to the Master, prepared for every good work." -2 Timothy 2:21


Since 1997, MasterCard has received hundreds of awards for their catchy ad campaign featuring the slogan "Priceless." As Christians, I think the slogan for our relationships with Christ should be "Serving Is Priceless." Most people think that serving is the same thing as service. I disagree. I believe there is a huge difference between the two. Christ did not come to give good service; He came to serve. As an athlete, I am not supposed to give good service to my teammates-I am to serve them. As a coach, I serve my team; I do not provide them a service. Service is something you pay for or something you expect, such as courteous and prompt attention from the employees at a restaurant or gas station. But serving goes deeper. Serving deals with heart issues and involves sacrifice and meeting real needs.

Christ desires that we as athletes and coaches become servants to our teammates, friends, family and communities. He has set us apart for a great work. We are His instruments-His serving instruments! Today, this can be a hard concept to understand. It seems like everyone in the world of sports wants to be a leader, not a servant. Jesus never told us to be leaders, but He did tell us to be servants.

Each summer thousands of athletes attend FCA Leadership Camps. At one of the camps, I shared with the students that they were really at a Servant Camp, not a Leadership Camp. To be a leader you must serve, and this is my challenge to you today. Fulfill Christ's calling on your life and become a servant!


Come see what FCA means to our local SEC College Schools. I hope that all will be at our Signature Banquet “Sidelines with the Rivals” Alabama vs Auburn - Giving God the Glory - Through your attendance, you will help support OWFCA and provide scholarships for our athletes and students as we head into the summer camp season. See you on March 13, 2015 for the love of servanthood.

In HIS Grace,

Michelle Carmical

About the Author :

Dan Britton serves as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes' Executive Vice President of International Ministry at the National Support Center in Kansas City. He has been on FCA staff since 1991, first serving for 13 years in Virginia and most recently as the Executive V.P. of Ministry Programs. In high school and college, Dan was a standout lacrosse player. He continued his lacrosse career by playing professional indoor lacrosse for four years with the Baltimore Thunder. He has coauthored three books, One Word That Will Change Your Life, WisdomWalks and WisdomWalks SPORTS, and he is the author and editor of eleven FCA books. He still plays and coaches lacrosse and enjoys running marathons. He and his wife Dawn reside in Overland Park, Kansas, with their three children: Kallie, Abby and Elijah.