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Michelle's Message: 2015-2016 Game Plan

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Michelle's Message: 2015-2016 Game Plan

OWFCA game plan for 2015-2016…Building our TEAM, TEAM JESUS.

OWFCA needs team-players for all our schools! We need all student body, Student leaders, Teammates, Coaches, Teachers and Community.

Ephesians 4:12 “[F]or the training of the saints in the work of ministry, to build up the body of Christ”

How is our team season going?

In sports the win is very important to you, your coaches, your team, your school and your community. As we start our season in FCA it’s the same for me, in my role here at OWFCA, I realized that I’m a Coach for FCA. My job parallels that of a coach on a team as our area huddles grow each day and new huddles are started (43 plus). I want each person in each huddle to play well. I want each huddle at each school to be skilled and go for the big win.  I want everyone on our team to understand  that at the end of day we recognize the win with Christ and give HIM the GLORY, knowing that even with our struggles, our stumbles, and our successes, HE has won the game for US and through US. He has already given us the  “Big Win” of overcoming all the Devil’s plays. In our daily game evil may have had some really good plays, but our Lord and Savior has played the game for us and He has won!

We all know that being on Team Jesus is hard and the plays for the day’s game will come with their struggles, but being a part of His team as Team FCA, we know that Jesus Christ has won it all for us. So our game plan is simple and has been strategically planned out so when we face each day we just keep our eyes on the game plan and share life with others. We shine His light by sharing life as a teammate on our campuses, in our sports, our hallways, and in our community. Let us play with His play book by using scripture as the play for the day. Let us play with the skills of His equipping power of the Holy Spirit. Let us put on the uniform of our schools and know that we are also putting on His amour, the amour of GOD. (Ephesians 6:10-18) Let us know that the game has been won and He will have the glory for our day and we will shine His life (John 1:4) through with the fruit of His Spirit with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, and self-control(Galatians 5:22-23).


Lord we pray for our schools, teams, and our community; Lord we pray that each student will feel your spirit with each waking moment, to know that you are here with them and they are not to fight this world with anything but with the love of Christ and to know that you have gone before them to conquer their struggles. We pray for them to be with you and for them to be discerning in their decisions, and act with all the power of you Lord, to make a difference in their schools, their teams, and in their community with the love of your Spirit and the guidance of your words. Lord have them know that the community prays for them and supports the spirit that God has called on them to have and to make a difference with their peers, to live life with purpose, comfort, and support from you and from your followers, their community supporting them. Let us all have that knowing that we are on Team Jesus and we are here to live life as your family and to grow your family. AMEN!